Redmine Networks Wireless Solutions

Wireless connectivity is no longer a ‘nice to have’ network connectivity method; rather a standard connectivity mechanism. We now expect to be able to connect wirelessly in offices, hotels, coffee shops and other public venues. Establishments without a wireless offering for guests are perceived as being technically in the dark ages by patrons. The vast majority of internet connected homes now run on wireless networks; therefore it is only natural that users expect this service when in places that invest more than they do in their IT infrastructure.

Whether you plan on adding wireless capabilities to an existing network infrastructure or creating a new network, we can provide innovative wireless solutions to help you meet your business needs. Our wireless solutions can be integrated into any existing network without disruption to the current wired operation.

Deploying a reliable wireless network can be a challenge depending on your environment and we highly recommend a wireless survey prior to any deployment to ensure a successful deployment. We provide delivery services from survey to deployment including integration with existing user databases (e.g Active Directory) and management allowing for a complete wireless service offering.

Why Redmine Networks?

To provide best-in-class services based on our values, drive and expertise. To be the partner of choice by consistently exceeding client expectation and providing best of breed solutions that enhance business performance.
To be known as a key provider of network solutions supporting business growth and development.
We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful. Our core values help us fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision.
We promise to put clients' needs first and to operate transparently throughout our relationship.

Corporate Wireless Solutions

Corporate Wireless

Discover how our wireless solutions can help improve business performance.


Guest Wireless

Create a guest wireless network that does not compromise the corporate network.