Project Description

cloud_computing_nts_460x260Redmine Networks have worked with multiple global enterprise cloud providers to develop and implement the networks infrastructures that securely support multi-tenanted environments across multiple datacentres. We have worked on these projects from inception to design and implementation. Scalability, security and flexibility are the foundation of the networks we built to support the cloud platforms. The networks leveraged network virtualisation technologies to complement the virtualisation at the compute layer; this included multilayer security throughout the environment.

What did we do?

We delivered highly secure network infrastructures on best-of-breed hardware working alongside virtualisation and storage visionaries.  The solutions allowed for flexible deployment models in a mulitenant virtualised environment whilst also allowing for cookie-cutter type provisioning of tenant networks.  These solutions spanned multiple datacentres in each country in scope for the global deployment allowing for disaster recovery and workload relocation between datacentre sites.

How did we do it?

These engagements required a substantial amount of research and conceptual development testing due to working with multiple emerging technologies.  The brief was similar in most cases where flexibility and performance were to be delivered without the sacrifice of the stability, scalability and security of the environment.  ‘Everything’ was a requirement and the quality of the solutions needed to be able to stand up to multiple industry compliance and governance standards.

What was implemented?

  • Resilient physical and logical architecture
  • 10 Gigabit datacentre infrastructure
  • Converged networking – FCoE
  • Secure multitenant infrastructure
  • Multitenant Firewall, VPN and Load-balancing architectures
  • Scalable rapid-provision friendly logical network modelling

Redmine Networks are proud to have played an integral part in the development of these global cloud platforms.  Today the cloud provider organisations that own and operate the multitenant infrastructures grow from strength to strength as cloud computing continues to become the normal way to obtain compute resource.