2 Factor Authentication Solution

2 Factor Authentication Solution

Project Description


Redmine Networks services were requested to design and implement a highly scalable two factor authentication system for a service provider. The solution needed to be multitenant friendly and have minimal administration overhead for the existing IT support team.

As the solution was being leveraged for multiple clients it needed to have the ability to integrate with multiple organisations’ internal directory databases.


We engaged with the support teams that would administer the solution post implementation to gauge their level of understanding of two factor authentication and related technologies. To minimise administration and effort levels for the solution, a cloud based partner known to Redmine Networks from previous engagements was selected as the vendor of choice.

The solution implemented allowed for auto provisioning of two factor authentication soft tokens to user computers, tablets, smartphones and basic mobile phones (SMS based). Users had the freedom to select which device type they wanted to use for their two factor authentication token. The greatest achievement in this solution was allowing our client to provision tokens simply via their Microsoft Active Directory group membership which facilitated a fast and simple rollout to the user base.


  • Two factor authentication solution
  • Secure cloud based highly available resilient service
  • Multi-platform token support for users
  • Active Directory integration to simplify administration
  • Auto provisioning of tokens to users

The solution was successfully implemented and now supports multiple customers authenticating for various services including remote access and web front ends.  Using a cloud based solution was beneficial to our client as this allowed for accurate per user pricing for the service.